Youngest Bitcoin millionaire

The 19-year-old’s Instagram feed is full of pretentious photos of him stepping out of private jets or lying on beds covered in money with captions like: “Cash so worthless compared to Bitcoin I’m sleeping on it …”

When Erik was 12 years old, his grandmother gave him $ 1,000. She assumed that the grandson would collect money, but Erik invested everything in BTC, which cost $ 10-12 at that time. By the end of 2013, Eric’s fortune was estimated at $ 100,000. He dropped out of school to pursue his own business. Finman sold his Bitcoins ($ 1200 for a coin), and he founded Botangle, an online educational platform that helped fellow students find teachers and engage in video chat. He spent the rest of the money on moving from his hometown to Idaho and traveling.

In January 2015, Finman found a buyer for his business, who offered him a choice of $ 100,000 or 300 bitcoins, which were about $ 200 per coin at that time. Erik chose the second because he believed that cryptocurrencies were The Next Big Thing.

What’s more, this guy has a lots of business ideas and doesn’t seem to stop moving.

Today, Finman has 403 bitcoins – his fortune is about $ 4 million in Bitcoins. “Bitcoin will either be nothing or everything, and I think it will be more everything. Or crypto will, at least,” he said.