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Kraken is providing a $150,000 grant

Kraken is providing a $150,000 grant

Kraken is providing a $150,000 grant to the company, which is a bitcoin payment processor and tech solution. The money was paid in BTC and is designed to assist the company in its plans for expansion and aid in its coming operations. The company has also integrated BTC Pay Server onto its Cryptowatch trading terminal.

BTC Pay has been getting a lot of attention from leading crypto-based platforms and has received grants of $100,000 or more from the likes of OK Coin, Square Crypto and others over the past 12 months. One anonymous developer working with the startup explained in a recent interview:

Receiving a grant from a company like Kraken feels rewarding for the entire team. A grant of this size puts a greater responsibility and pressure to strive towards excellence with each line of code. We owe the mindset to the entire community that has shown us an incredible amount of love, and to our supporters who make sure that we can continue building a truly free and open-source payment software for anybody without worrying about sustainability.

Kraken is a leading exchange that has often integrated itself into the most unique positions in the crypto space. The trading platform was one of the first to delist bitcoin SV (BSV, or Bitcoin Satoshi Vision), the new cryptocurrency that stemmed from a bitcoin cash hard fork two years ago. The asset is widely labeled as responsible for bitcoin’s sudden drop into the $3,000 range in late 2018, and Kraken described the coin as “extremely high risk” when discussing its reasons for not wanting to offer the coin to customers.

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